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Website content and development - customized, organized and optimized
Precision Websites - contextualized, navigable, and elegant
Information management systems - UI design, content databases, information architecture
Content organization - thesauri, metadata, XML element sets, other content management structures
Dynamic Web marketing - user tracking/ prediction
Technical content development - flexible products, repurposing
Web hosting - serving under-served regionalized clientele


My primary office space is located Lafayette, Colorado.

Word-Builder Precision Communications
1688 Parkside Cr
Lafayette, CO


Tim Stalker

(303) 997-4593

Communicating for today's organizations is all about creating—creating content, concepts and the contexts in which they integrate and make sense. Precision communication is an integrated process of creating website content and development schemes, using IT systems, information management systems, flexibly powerful media, and enterprise-wide publishing and delivery environments. There are thousands of communication professionals, but there are only a few website content and development specialists. A central concept many organizations are discovering is that there is a difference between mainstream communicators and talented communicators who can communicate and design.

content management systems

Organization Design

Integral to any content development strategy are the organizational principles governing its use. Metadata, thesauri, nomenclature—how your subject matter looks and functions are all front-most in our expertise.

Information Architecture (IA)

The art and science of structuring and organizing information to provide intuitive access to content. We implement IA across a Web presence at the design, content and programmatic levels, creating usable, well conceived Web spaces.

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web design   web hosting

Graphic Design

Pixel by pixel we design graphics with the leading design software and builds presentations to showcase your webite's content. Emphasis goes towards your subject matter and the graphic displays to support it.

Technical Design

Using advanced features of HTML and XHTML, cascading sytle sheets and JavaScript, scalable layouts are created to support your content into the future as it grows and matures. If databasing is an option, your site can be built with elegant interfaces for easy content manipulation for maintenance by novice content managers.

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technical and science writing

Single Sourcing & Repurposing

Produce once, publish in multiple formats—manuals, Web sites, CD-ROM's and more. We use industry standard content development tools and specialze in getting the most out of your information mile.

Scientific Website Content and Development

We provide solid content development from print to Web for academic, agricultural, industrial and other scientific research and development organizations and businesses.

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Custom Hosting

Host your site on our server at the level of service you choose. Plans range from full designer packages with remote file and server administration to small business and home page plans for individuals and companies. Hosting with us assures you of excellent system administration.

Distributed Web Services

Host on our server and manage the Web services of your account directly yourself: e-mail, DNS, file system, log files, etc. Setup an account with us and we will show you how to use our industry standard Web server administrator - Plesk. It's simple and you'll love it!

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precision web marketing

Precision Marketing - Content Positioning

Web marketing is precision marketing - the process of optimizing content, design and markup to improve your positioning in search results that potential visitors see every day. We use a suite of tools and strategies to see that content is in front of who you need it to be.

Keyword Analysis & Selection

Keyword analysis requires the services of, the leading keyword analysis service, to evaluate the words and phrases related to your content that users are likely to search. As these words and terms are compiled, your site can be optimized for high-level positioning in search results. Contract with us on either a long or short-term basis to optimize your site and maintain your content's positioning.

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